November Virtual Check-in

As the Final Project Conference was postponed in order to prioritize everyone’s health, the Project team met virtually to check-in on everyone and see how everyone stays active in their communities during these times of many restrictions.

The team took part in an interactive activity, which served a platform to have honest conversations around:

1)      Have a look back at 2020 and reflect on what are the things that made all of us proud;

2)      What are we thankful for this year (or what were the biggest lessons of the year)

3)      What are we most looking forward to until we meet again

The results of the activity can be seen on the below image.

Furthermore, we discussed about the importance of dealing with change, and how can we adapt to changes happening around us ; what is the secret to adapting to change and why is it good to be flexible?

We discussed that it is important to remember that we are all students of life and learning never stops. That’s why we should try to live by these challenges, and continue to keep an open mind- just like good students:

ü  Life is full of lessons, so keep failing until you succeed.

ü  Make mistakes, over and over again, and eventually- you’ll get it right!

ü  Question EVERYTHING! Remain curious and open-minded.

ü  Challenge and test what everyone knows. Learn what they don’t.

ü  Research dreams, until they become reality.

ü  Experiment. Change the answers.

ü  Learn! Stay hungry for more. 

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