About Us

Project Consortium

As youth-focused organizations, we have a vision to prepare the next generation of young Europeans to be a force to be reckoned with in the political landscapes of Europe.

We have a common goal to address the challenges of youth participation & provide “hands on” opportunities for activism in today’s complex environments and societies.

We believe that “knowledge is power”, are very passionate about providing tailored formal and non- formal learning opportunities for young people to discover more about the EU’s Programmes open to them, as well as key documents designed to make their lives better (EU Youth Strategy for example), policies, achievements to be proud of, etc.

Bringing youth from all corners of Europe together will result in a unique dynamic, as the participating countries have very different political landscapes. The young people can challenge each other and indirectly impart knowledge of policies and best practises that can later be multiplied.

All of the participating organizations are experienced actors in the European Youth Work Arena, with vast experience amongst us. We operate in different countries, but have a common vision: to support and empower young people to shape our societies by working towards maintaining and enhancing our common values.

Each partner brings valuable sets of skills, knowledge and competences that will be utilized throughout this project. The participating organizations all work directly with young people to translate their visions to reality, and engage with local audiences that include policy makers and citizens who share common values.


Most governments today operate with a short-term agenda, focusing only on issues that are exploding. Some parties even win elections with platforms such as “100 Days Plan”. We need a long-term focus that promotes youth civic involvement. Regardless of current political agendas, enhancing the lives of youth in today’s pluralistic societies must be a permanent priority. They’re a strategic force and only by empowering them, we can allow for positive change.

Fully aware that in many programs young people are only beneficiaries of the work of others, we want to give them skills to foster creative solutions and inspire their social participation by letting them advocate on issues they’re passionate about, by focusing their energy, enthusiasm and determination towards making a change and impact.

Project Partners

EUCMC for Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue Aarhus, Denmark

EUCMC for Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue Aarhus is a non- profit community centre for intercultural education and communication. EUCMC helps provide access, education and empowerment through various national and international initiatives. It was founded in October 2013 with the aim to develop and empower European dialogue and collaboration, and contribute to strengthening of the European identity and diversity. To be an empowered citizen in the new technological environment, youth need to develop knowledge, values and a range of critical thinking skills, as well as communication and information management competences. Intercultural learning is an essential tool for acquiring these skills, while education is key to citizenship and democracy in Denmark and Europe. Development of competences, sharing of knowledge and exchange of ideas is key to our values of citizenship and democracy, not only locally but on a European level too.

The team will bring to the project their competencies in communication, work in intercultural field and creation of multimedia outputs aiming to raise awareness on intercultural issues and contribute to creating open and democratic society. They bring specific multimedia skills and competences as well, which will be utilized to produce short video documentary for the Project.

Citizens In Power (CIP), Cyprus

CIP was established 8 years ago and undertakes various initiatives to involve young people in civic life. CIP’s staff is working with the aim to promote active citizenship, culture and education in EU. CIP has organized several democratic dialogues, namely “Revitalization of local parks”, “Democratic disconnect and the solutions “The power of voting”, all hosted at their offices in Anthoupoli, Nicosia. The organization also coordinated online educational modules on active citizenship, by using www.moodle.org, to reach participants from remote areas. Additionally CIP has materialized digital dialogues using applications like Idea Prism and Cogni scope. These applications enable participants to use a mobile/tablet application in order to discuss ‘democratic’ topics, whilst the procedure itself engages participants into a dialogue and generates empathy with aspects of democracy such as politicians, elections and active involvement of citizens in democratic processes.

The CIP team will support the implementation of the foreseen work packages in Spain. They will select candidates for national multipliers, support and supervise them through the Mentorship Programs, fully support and oversee the national Caravan workshops, and will actively contribute to the project booklet, website and social media. They will use their networks to arrange for meetings with local politicians or policy-makers.

Asociacion Mundus- Un Mundo a tus Pies, Spain

The organization was established by a group of Catalan people with the goal to promote non- formal educational development for young people. Mundus works as a network at local level, cooperating with local municipalities, several local high- schools, local VET centers and two local foundations. Its main objective is to provide opportunities for young people, especially with fewer opportunities, so they can be more open for a more inclusive Spain and Europe. Considering there are many unemployed young people in Spain, they don’t have opportunities to travel abroad and experience intercultural learning, mostly because of the difficult socio- economic situation. This is why enriching their lives with international experiences helps them learn new skills and broaden their horizons.

Mundus works with various European initiatives both as coordinators and as partners. The projects are minly related to social inclusion, antidiscrimination, participation, intercultural learning etc. We also try to incorporate non- formal education in different firlds, such as VET Centers, Municipalities, Schools, etc.

The MUNDUS team will support the implementation of the foreseen work packages in Spain. They will select candidates for national multipliers, support and supervise them through the Mentorship Programs, fully support and oversee the national Caravan workshops, and will actively contribute to the project booklet, website and social media. They will use their networks to arrange for meetings with local politicians or policy-makers.

Young Europe Society (YES), Romania

YES aims to contribute to the development of young people by inspiring them with a sense of active citizenship, by promoting mobilities within and beyond Europe, non-formal learning and intercultural dialogue, and encourage the employability and inclusion of all young people, regardless of their educational, social and cultural background.

YES mission is to bring added value to participative education and active citizenship, while developing solid partnerships with institutions, organizations and individuals. YES contributes to the sensitization and interconnection of youngsters throughout various platforms, with the goal to ensure and stimulate active participation.

Main objectives of YES are:

  • Promote youth active (European) citizenship;
  • Develop solidarity and tolerance among young people to foster social cohesion in Europe;
  • Foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries;
  • Promote European cooperation in the youth field.

Volunteers Centre Skopje (VCS)

VCS was established in 2006, and has been actively working within the frameworks of the “Youth in Action” and “Erasmus+” Programs of the European Commission, as well as with other funding agencies and programs. The overarching objective of the organization is to connect, engage and empower young people by way of volunteering, thus enabling them to gain skills and competences to shape our societies. A key goal of the organization is to promote European values in our multicultural societies, by providing platforms for active youth participation and engagement. VCS has been a sending/ hosting organization for the European Voluntary Service Program for 12 years and has directly empowered and contributed to the personal growth and skills development of many young Europeans. 

VCS offers opportunities for youth participation at various local and international platforms, such as: seminars, trainings, study visits, youth exchanges, ecological and social actions, and other types of engagements and activations. On a national level, VCS was directly involved in the development of “Law on Volunteerism” and “Law on Youth” in North Macedonia. It’s currently a key stakeholder for the overseeing of the implementation of these laws, directly monitoring the development of related national youth policies, and actively participating in public discussions and consultations pertaining to the topics of young engagement and empowerment.