September 2020  VOICES Magazine – Feature with all Project Participants and their awarded initiatives (pages 16 and 17). 
Happy Youth Day 2020!


On this special day for all young people around the world, let’s put a spotlight on inspiring young game changers! ⭐️

We can’t be more proud of these 25 future-shapers from macedonia-flag-icon-32 romania-flag-icon-32 cyprus-flag-icon-32 denmark-flag-icon-32 spain-flag-icon-32, who are selflessly engaged to be the change they want to see in the world! They dared to get out of their comfort zones and are inspiring positive transformations in their communities!

To all young people out there: Despite all the challenges we face this year, think big and dare to change the things you cannot accept! Let’s all be part of the change! 🌎 🙋⭐️

Happy Youth Day!



Europe Day Virtual Meet-up Let’s take some time on 9th May to appreciate our unity, and to remember the common values and goals that shape our realities and create invisible bonds between us. Let’s pause to honour the solidarity, freedom, cultural diversity, tolerance, prosperity and peace that we have in Europe today. This conversation comes at a very challenging time for all of us. Over two billion people around the world are currently under lockdown. The long term effects of the pandemic are unknown, but what we do know is that it’s going to change the way we live our lives. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future, but let’s try to offset some of that by having a conversation about what we want our future to look like. We want to hear from you- what are your thoughts and wishes, what do you think will change in Europe after this crisis and what will be the new normal; and most importantly- what can we as active citizens do to contribute to shape a better future?

March 11th- March 17th

Training Course for youth multipliers held

The training course brought together the identified youth multipliers from the participating countries who got a chance to learn more about active citizenship and get in-depth knowledge about project management. The participants worked on their initiatives and got to know the other initiatives that will take place in the participating countries across Europe within the next 7 months. The Training Course took place in Skopje, N. Macedonia and was organised by the project consortium.

The participants gained insightful knowledge about tools for active civil participation, methodologies for non- formal learning, got raised awareness about EU values, key documents and funding opportunities, knowledge about soft skills, and project management tips and tricks that will be useful to them throughout their work. In addition, the participants presented their initiatives and got feedback from the others on how to make even more of an impact in their communities.

The training course was cut short by 3 days due to Covid-19 concerns, however despite the abrupt end, around 70% of the foreseen content was covered. The Spanish multipliers absorbed only two days of the training due to the pandemic; the rest will be presented to them through the mentorship program.


Feb 12th- Feb 19th 2020

Project Kick- Off Planning Meeting held

The Project Planning Meeting took place in Skopje and brought together all partners: Citizens in Power from Cyprus, EUCMC from Denmark, Young European Society from Romania, Asociacion Mundus from Spain and the host, Volunteers Centre Skopje. The meeting was a platform to strategically plan the overall approach to the project activities and customise country- specific activations, it ensured clarity of roles and responsibilities, went over the project packages and brought the partners together for further discussions in formal and informal settings. Here are some photos of the Planning Meeting.

Feb 17th 2020

Project Partnership Agreements Signed: All partner organisations involved in the project signed Partnership Agreements with the Coordinator Organisation- Volunteers Centre Skopje. We are looking forward to a great collaboration that will truly make an impact in our European societies!

Jan 3rd 2020

For ensuring transparency and visibility of EU funding, the project “European youth at the frontlines of active citizenship: A Roadmap towards a collective “South-North-East-West” Momentum” is now published online on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform. More info about the project can be found at: